Weco Play

A collection of learning activities and games for interactive whiteboards, panels and screens.

Playful Learning

Implementing learning into game activities can motivate and create a fun and engaging setting for learning.

Shared Learning

All the learning activities and games are designed to be used by four or more players and are harder with fewer players.


Communication between players is encouraged, such as by creating a shared goal.

All Games Available in English, Zulu & Afrikaans

Weco Play – What is it all about? (Video)

Learning ActivitIes and Games for Interactive Whiteboards, Panels and Screens

Weco Play includes 35+ learning activities and games for interactive whiteboards that can be played in 15+ different languages. The content focuses on language and math skills but also contains games directed at art, natural science, or physical activity. Many games offer several game modes and give the opportunity to customise the difficulty and content. The platform is continuously updated with new games and content.

Example Game 1 - Puzzle
The game illustrates how collaboration can be designed into even very simple games. Puzzle can be played in a game mode with few pieces, but with all of the pieces needing to be held in the right place to solve the puzzle. Consequently, this mode requires collaboration and communication to get all of the pieces held together in the right position, and it often results in twister-like situations where the arms are crossed.
Example Game 2 - Book Builder
The game is an example of allowing children to be content creators. Book Builder makes it possible to create and read books which contain both text and graphics. The children build a book together by constructing illustrations from a graphic database and writing text. The writing process is designed with multiple roles, construction of sentences, spelling, and placing the words in the correct order. The finished product is an interactive book which other children can read and play with.
Example Game 3 - Maths Race
The game illustrates facilitating competition on equal terms, regardless of whether the children have similar or varying skill levels. In Math Race, each player chooses which arithmetic skills they want to train and then competes by driving a small car around the course to collect answers to various math problems. The game purposefully hides the players’ scores in order not to discourage the players while playing.
Example Game 4 - Melody Maker
Melody Maker allows the players to work creatively with music to create short melodies. They are introduced to more than 100 different instruments and how they look and sound. They can also learn how the tempo and different octaves affect a melody.

The objective of Melody Maker is to play around with a variety of different instruments and to create a short melody.

Weco Play Key Features

Adjustable difficulty levels

Designed for nursery school to primary school

Available in 15 different languages

Simple for adults and students to operate

Games for interactive whiteboards makes learning fun

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Weco Play

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