ROQED Science

Make Science Fun with 3D Visual Interactive Models

Interactive Lessons

Contains functions for creating interactive homework and classroom assessments

Enhanced Teaching

Create and prepare interactive lessons, assessments and tasks according to the curriculum.

Quality & Details

On average, each model and scene contains more than 15 well described details.

Enjoy more than 1200 3D Models and Animations

The ROQED Science is a computer program that transforms the way students learn science by using fully interactive 3D models to explain a huge variety of natural science concepts.

Teach everything from how an engine works to the anatomy of the human body by breaking them concepts down to their basics in the form of a 3D model.

Teachers and students can analyse, rotate and explore the models from any point of view they want. The study regime gives you the full experience of kinaesthetic learning.
Auto Explore
Narration that explains each of the 1200 3D models in detail.
Auto Questions
Assembling, Object Selection and label matching exercises to test student comprehension of the model and concept

ROQED Science Key Features

Benefits Gr 6 - 12

Truly interactive science & biology content

3D models and animations

+450 Biology models & courses

+330 Physics models & courses

+370 Chemistry models & courses

+370 Chemistry models & courses

+40 Geography models & courses

Integrated LMS system and aligned course curriculum for effective teaching and learning

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