Maths Race

Age 8+

5-10 minutes



Solve your maths problem
Use the joystick and lead your vehicle to the correct answer
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

By playing Math Race, the players can train their mental arithmetic by solving maths problems within the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to solve different kinds of maths problems and then steer a vehicle to the sum of the maths problem that is located somewhere on the playing board. The players need to collect as many sums as possible before time runs out.

Detailed Description


The game begins with each player’s vehicle placed randomly somewhere on the course. At the bottom of the screen, the randomised maths problem is shown in white. The players need to figure out the solution before knowing which of the different sums across the playing board they should go for.

Driving the vehicle

Next to the maths problem is located a small joystick. When a player presses their joystick in the middle and drags it in one of the directions, the vehicle will move accordingly. By pressing the small icon of a car that is placed on the other side of the maths problem, the player’s vehicle will immediately be returned to its starting position.

Solving the maths problems

When a player has successfully solved their maths problem, the equation will disappear from the playing board, and the maths problem will be replaced by a new one. For every collected sum within the time limit, the player receives points. The players’ final scores will be revealed on a scoreboard when time has run out and the game is over.

Detailed Description


Choosing a course

The players can choose from 14 different courses. The players scroll through the selection of courses by pressing the arrows that are located to the left and the right of the course overview.

Time limit

The players can choose between a 5 or 10 minute game duration. Choosing a longer time limit will give players time to solve more maths problems in each game.

Once the players have chosen a course and the duration, they are led to a new screen where they individually need to select a few settings.

Right or left hand

Firstly, the players must choose if they wish to play with their right or left hand. The icon of the selected preference will be highlighted. This will have an impact on the position of the joystick that the players use to direct their vehicle around the course.

Types of maths problems

After having chosen which hand to play with and pressing the start button, the players must decide what kind of maths problems they want to be faced with: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. It’s possible for each player to select more than one of them. Selecting two, three or all four maths operations increases the difficulty level for this player, but it also makes it possible for them to have more vehicle options to choose from in the settings. By selecting “Numbers” the player will not be faced with a maths problem, but just a number that they need to locate somewhere on the playing board and collect with their vehicle. Lastly, by selecting “Variable“, the player must find the missing variable to complete the shown equation.


Here, each player can decide if the numbers used for their own equation sums should consist of one, two, or three digits. Once the players are satisfied with their choices, they simply need to press the small checkmark at the bottom of their screen. That will then lead them to the selection of vehicles.

Selecting a vehicle

If players have chosen more than one type of maths problem and 2 or 3 digit numbers, they will have up to twelve different vehicle options to choose from. To scroll through the selection, players need to press the two arrows next to the picture of the vehicle. When players are happy with their choice, they must press the icon with the checkmark at the bottom of their screen. That should result in a green checkmark above the vehicle, and it means that the player has confirmed their selection. When all participants have selected a vehicle, the game begins, and the players get led to the previously selected course.