Comfortable, ergonomic and easily movable chairs that bring a fun, colour and functionality to the classroom


FlexiChair has a large seating shell, flexible body, lumbar support and arm rests suitable for all bodies.


The desks have 6 wheels on the base to allow teachers to quickly change class layout.


The work surface contains silver ions making it 99,9 % antimicrobial forever.

Moveable, flexible and interactive classroom chairs

A flexible learning environment is essential for teachers to be able to answer to various needs.

School and classroom designs should be suitable for modern teaching methods that prepare students for academic success, their desired careers and 21st century citizenship.

In order to support innovative teaching methods such as project based learning or workshop practices, learning environments should be flexible and adaptable so that various learning activities can be applied simultaneously and effortlessly.

FlexiChairs have high flexibility so that the classrooms can be quickly transformed into desired designs for different classroom activities. Academic research shows that the duration of immobility is negatively correlated with learning performance and student concentration. Therefore it is accepted that the education activities involving interactive participation from students boost learning efficiency and help students maintain focus.
The design of the chair has allowed for common issues in the classroom to be solved. The large space underneath the chair can be used to store students bags to clear up space in the classroom. The movability of the work table allows easy use for both left and right handed students. The 6 wheels make for a sturdy foundation and for the chairs to easily be moved around. A cup holder is attached to the work space for convenience.

FlexiChairs Key Features

Highly Ergonomic

Robust and high quality

Maximum hygiene with silver ions which kill most germs

Fully adjustable wide work surface

Convenient storage space

Colourful and fun

Portable, making it easy to reconfigure your class

Selbourne Primary Collaboration – Case Study

Watch as we sit down with Sarah Friend – Head of IT at Selbourne Primary – to discuss the recent installation and game changing aspect of our super ergonomic, easy to setup and supremely dynamic FlexiChairs. 

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