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Class Saathi – What is it? (Video)

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Class Saathi is a combination of a clicker device for each student and a software application for teachers, parents and the administrators. After teaching a concept in a class, the teacher can ask a few questions using Class Saathi to gauge the understanding level of each and every student. The administrators and the parents can also see the learning data on their respective apps. Class Saathi has over 500,000 questions on Maths, Science, Social Studies and English across 20+ curriculums for students of Grade 1 to Grade 10.

What is Class Saathi?

Class Saathi revolutionizes classroom engagement with its innovative solution featuring the world’s first Bluetooth-based clickers for formative assessments. Our platform fosters active student participation, delivers instant results and feedback through built-in AI, and empowers schools to stay ahead of the curve as smart educational institutions. Experience the future of teaching and learning while empowering both teachers and students with Class Saathi.

Class Saathi Key Features

Works on Any Platform

Class Saathi seamlessly operates on various platforms, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

World’s First Bluetooth Clicker

Utilizes cutting-edge Bluetooth technology to provide the world’s first clicker-based student engagement and assessment solution.

No Internet Connection Required

Functions without the need for an internet connection, ensuring accessibility in areas with limited or no connectivity.

Covers all Subjects

It offers a user-friendly environment to study various topics and chapters, encompassing all the concepts for a given class.

Powered by Saathi AI

Harnesses the power of proprietary Saathi AI, incorporating advanced artificial intelligence.

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Class Saathi

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