Corporate Solutions

EduBoard takes your boardroom into the future.

LED Touch Displays

Interactive LED touch display panels tailored to schools in South Africa. Includes powerful educational software built-in.

Corporate Hardware

Equip your office with FlexiChairs, Visualisers, Projectors, Whiteboards, Pinboards & Glassboards

Quality & Affordable

EduBoard does the hard work for you ensuring are supplied with products which are the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Equipping hundreds of boardrooms across South Africa

EduBoard interactive, efficient and ergonomic hardware & software includes offerings of:

Touch panels and solutions

Boardroom furniture and accessories

Whiteboards in a range of sizes

Customisable Pinboards

Elegant Glassboards

Technology holds the key to  office efficiency

The EduBoard solution includes corporate interactive whiteboard and interactive LED touch display Panel hardware. The EduBoard  solutions are fully supportive of both face to face and blended office environments – online and offline.

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