Marty the Humanoid Robot

A real walking, dancing, programmable humanoid robot that’s full of personality.

For the Classroom

Designed for educators and learners. Simple to use, robust and absolutely state of the art

STEM Learning

Humanoid robots are the most exciting tool for making STEM learning engaging


Value for money

Marty the Robot is the best value-for-money educational humanoid robot on the market

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Inspire Learning

Marty can walk, dance and eyebrow-wiggle like no rolling robot can! Marty is equipped with a unique walking mechanism, with each individual limb controlled by a separate motor. This means Marty can turn, kick a ball and so much more, while also being more stable than other walking robots.

Marty comes with extensive technical support from our dedicated team, and an ever-growing set of curriculum-linked lessons and activities suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced coders.


Marty the Robot is designed to make learning about computer science and coding a fun and engaging experience. From introducing screen-free programming in pre-school, right through to university, Marty is a flexible learning tool that grows with your students. Introduce your students to computational thinking with fun activities, then ease the jump to real world programming languages through a familiar platform.


Marty links to mathematics learning by creating practical opportunities. From estimating distance and angles, walking the perimeter of shapes, responding to different conditional statements, based on a range of numerical values – the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, more advanced learners can trigger events by coding loops that make use of counters or timers, which reinforces an understanding of duration and units of time.

Literacy & Language

Marty is a great stimulus for imaginative and informative writing. Young children who shy away from fiction, find that having a character that can perform their story is exciting and rewarding.

The older students can practice writing sequential instructions by creating blocks of code that run in order, researching commands to better understand their parameters, and practice their presentation skills when they share the challenges and successes of creating programs.

Social & Emotional Learning

Robots are particularly suitable for engaging children with special educational needs: children on the spectrum respond well to the clear, consistent interactions that robots can provide.

As Marty is a humanoid robot, children form an instant connection. Marty provides an opportunity to develop communication skills and provide support for children who are keen to express their feelings and emotions with him. They often see Marty as a friend and part of the class.

Marty’s Key Functions

1. Humanoid Form

Marty has a personality and is full of character!

2. Unique Walking Mechanism

Walk, turn, dance, sidestep, kick a ball, wiggle

3. Range of Expressions

Marty’s eyebrows move to express emotions

4. Motors with Position Sensors

Nine metal-geared smart servo motors

5. Foot Sensors

Infrared (IR) Sensor & Color Sensor

6. Quality Moulded Plastic Parts

Classroom-ready, robust and built to last

7. Acceleration & Tilt Sensor

Found in the control board in Marty’s head

8. Rechargeable Battery

With run time of 2-3 hours when fully charged

9. Speaker

Marty speaks and plays sounds

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