Board Resurfacing

Resurface old chalkboards and whiteboards and save 50% or more on the cost of replacing them.

Quick and easy

Measure, cut, stick and write!

Gloss or Matte material

Gloss is perfect for whiteboard usage and matte if you want to use with a projector

Save 50% plus with Write-On

Why waste money on new boards, if you can get super results for less than half the cost?

Quickly and Easily Resurface Old or Damaged Whiteboards or Chalkboards with Write-On

Write-On is a superb high quality dry-erase chalkboard and whiteboard resurfacing material. It has been used in thousands of schools worldwide to save 50% or more on the cost of replacing old chalkboards or whiteboards.

In addition to turning chalkboards into whiteboards, we can also turn them into interactive whiteboards or projection surfaces with our special matte whiteboard material. A better alternative to chalkboard paint, Write-On resurfacing material can do it all.

1 - Find a friend, this is a two person job

If your self-adhesive whiteboards are big.
You will need four hands and a little patience.

2 - Choose area for your whiteboard
Measure to be sure you have enough space. Ideal surfaces are flat and smooth such as painted walls, old worn whiteboards and chalkboards. Your whiteboard should not be installed on a newly painted surface. Painted surfaces require a light sanding as well as a minimum of 24 days to completely cure. All boards that require resurfacing must be cleaned prior to our arrival onsite. We will not be able to resurface any boards that have stickers, Prestick, dents, damages and/or paints permanently applied to them.
3 - Clean the surface
It is vital that you clean the surface thoroughly before applying the self-adhesive whiteboard replacement film.
The surface must be dry prior to applying the replacement film.
4 - Peel, stick and smooth
Peel back 15cm of the liner to reveal the self stick backing. Apply the exposed edge of the roll to the surface that you are covering. One person should hold the roll from the bottom slowly drawing the backing away while the other person smooths the material on the wall or chalkboard from the centre of the roll towards the edges.

You can use your hand or a soft cloth to smooth the material. Be sure to work bubbles towards the edges.
The material is repositionable so you can lift it off of the wall and reapply it if necessary.

You can D.I.Y. or we can quote you on a professional installation.

Available Product Options
GLOSS Dry-Erase Whiteboard Self-Adhesive Film

Ideal to resurface your old worn out whiteboards/chalkboards or create a whiteboard surface on any smooth surface. Comes in a roll of 50m x 122cm width and can be cut to your board length. Use any whiteboard marker pen leaving no ghosting or staining.

MATTE Dry-Erase Whiteboard Self-Adhesive Film

Matt self-adhesive film is the ideal solution for educational institutions, boardrooms and training facilities as it can be used as a whiteboard and a projection screen. Not only is it lighter in weight than traditional projection screens but it also saves space and can easily integrate with your classroom, boardroom or meeting place.

Matte self-adhesive film has excellent viewing characteristics and offers a low-glare projection screen compared to a typical standard whiteboard.

Matte self-adhesive film will improve your creativity and productivity in the meeting place as it can be applied to most smooth surfaces allowing you to turn a whole wall into a whiteboard and a projection screen. Standard dry-erase whiteboard marker pens can be used on the Write-On surface

The matte material is available in two different roll sizes and can be cut into the required lengths. The rolls are 122cm x 50m and 152cm x 30m. Dry marker pens can be used, proper cleaning and care with water and a micro fibre cloth should be adhered to.

Advantages of board-resurfacing Write-On

Many size variations can be achieved

You can D.I.Y. or we can quote you on doing the installation for you

Better alternative to chalkboard paint with the chalkboard resurfacing roll

We also make and supply ready made boards with any of the materials above

The data projector matte surface can be used with dry markers & cleaned using just water and a micro fiber cloth

The gloss dry-erase whiteboard surface offers excellent dry marker performance that is easy to clean with no ghosting or staining (use with our recommended pens)

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