Handwriting and spelling practice on a screen/tablet using a stylo pen.

Inclusive learning

Students can progress at their own pace and follow a number of learning pathways.

Digitalising Literacy

Teachers supported by AI powered teaching tools – students use tech in class or remotely for homework.

GDPR Compliant

School and student data security is our top priority. Rest easy as Kaligo is GDPR compliant.

Improve students’ reading and spelling using tablets and styluses in the classroom

Kaligo is an application designed to teach students how to write and spell using a tablet and stylus in the classroom or at home.

Kaligo aims to support children of all abilities to achieve their highest possible literacy levels. With children behind expected using Kaligo to jump as much as 2 year groups in ability.

Education with technology and gamification
Kaligo’s mission is to support each student in their journey of learning to write and spell, through a modern, digital and fun approach. By providing learning paths specific to needs of individual students, Kaligo empowers students to become actors in their own development. Kaligo is digitalising the traditional methods by providing a medium to practise the fundamentals of handwriting and spelling on a fun and engaging tool. Don’t forget, the key impact we want to see is the results on paper!
11 Handwriting and Spelling Exercises

Kaligo enables teachers to adapt their handwriting lessons to match the handwriting scheme deployed in their school. Kaligo allows exercises to be differentiated to meet the needs of all students.

Features and benefits for Teachers
  • Customisable lesson planning
  • Curriculum Aligned exercises
  • Student Monitoring and instant feedback
  • Track students’ progress
  • Kaligo homework
  • Remote access and learning

Kaligo Key Features

Benefits Gr 1 - Gr 7

11 Handwriting and Spelling Exercises

Lesson Planning Portal for Teachers

Student monitoring Portal for Teachers

Fully customisable to match handwriting policies

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