Book Builder

Age 5+

30 minutes



Create the characters
Write the story
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

Book Builder allows the players to let their creativity unfold by creating their own stories, settings and characters. Book Builder also strengthens the players’ vocabulary and spelling.

Game objective

The objective of Book Builder is to create a book. By utilising the big selection of different body parts, accessories and props, players can create their own characters and design the scenery for each page. The players can also collaboratively add text to each page of the book. Once the book is finished, it can be published and viewed in the library where the players can read the story to their audience themselves, or have the game read it out loud for them. Beyond the book writing mode, the characters and props can also be used for free play where stories can be acted out.

Detailed Description


Characters and props

On both sides of the open book, the players can choose between different body parts, clothes and props from ten different categories, and thereby handpick the items that should be part of their story. To add an item to the page, players simply need to drag it from the overview of items onto the page. Furthermore, players can glue any items together and combine them in many different ways in order to let their story unfold in exactly the way that they wish.
Be aware that most of the categories contain more options than what is immediately shown when pressing the category icon. If a category contains additional options, an arrow over and below the selection will appear. Pressing one of these arrows will make it possible to scroll through all selectable items within the category.


When pressing the head icon, three additional icons will appear just below the selection of heads to choose from. By pressing the top icon, players can choose between different facial expressions for each head. The icon just below makes it possible for the players to choose the skin colour of the heads. Lastly, the bottom icon grants the players access to different hair colours for the head they want to add to their book.

Upper and lower body

When pressing the icon with the shirt or the icon with the pants, players can choose from several different upper and lower body parts for their characters. Just like when choosing a head, an additional icon will appear which lets the players choose the skin colour for the upper or lower body.

Editing tools

Beneath each page, players will find four different editing tools that they can use to shape the props or the look of the characters exactly as they want.

Dragging the glue icon over two or more items will glue these items together. To indicate to the player that the parts will be glued together, the parts will turn dark when dragging the glue icon onto the parts. If the parts do not turn dark, the parts will not be glued together.

Dragging and dropping the scissor icon onto glued parts, these parts become unglued.

Dragging and dropping this icon onto characters or props will reverse them.

This tool can be used if one item is placed in front of another. By dragging and dropping the icon onto an item it will be sent to the back.

Changing the size of objects

The players can change the size of any character or prop by touching the object with two or more fingers and then pinching the fingers together or apart to make the object smaller or larger.

Removing an object

If the players want to remove a character or a prop that they have previously added, they can simply drag this object to one of the edges of the screen and the object will disappear.

Writing text (Book mode)

The players are also able to tell their stories through text by pressing the keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen. A keyboard then appears and the players can start writing their story. The letters become visible just above the keyboard when the players start typing. When the players have finished typing a word, they simply need to drag the word onto the lines of the page, and then they can continue typing the next word.

Turning the page (Book mode)

When the players are done with a page and want to continue their work on a new page, they simply need to press the small arrow icon placed on the right side of the book. After doing so, the players are faced with different options: To make the next page a blank page, or to make the next page a copy of the previous page. They can also press “Cancel” to return to the page they were just working on. At all times, the players can also go back to look at or edit previous pages, simply by pressing the small arrow icon on the left side of the book.

Publishing the book (Book mode)

Once the book is finished, the players can publish it in the library of the platform, so others can read it in the future. The book, however, has to consist of at least five pages to become published. First, the players publish their book by pressing the bookshelf icon at the bottom right. Secondly, they need to write the title of the book on the keyboard, and then choose at least one fitting category for their book. After doing so, they simply need to choose “Publish in library” and the book will be published for others to read.

Downloading the book (Book mode)

If players wish to download their book, so they can print it, all they need to do is to press the camera icon next to the “Publish in library” button. Doing so will lead them to a new page with a QR code. Scanning the QR code with another device will make it possible to download and save the book.

Detailed Description



Here, the players can find the library of books that have been saved.
It is possible for the players to get an overview of all saved books at once or they can search for books within nine different genres: Fairy tale, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Crime, Sci-fi, Love, Sport, and Friendship. Each book in the overview displays basic information such as title, how many pages the book consists of, and the genre(s) that the book belongs to.


In the play area, the players can choose from all the characters and props that they also find in the book area and design these in different ways. These characters and props are divided into seven groups. By pressing one of the seven icons at either side of the screen, the players gain access to all characters and props from that group.

New book

By choosing “New book”, the players can start to create a new book. Just after pressing the “New book” button, a code is shown on the screen. The players should always write down the code or take a picture of it. Without this unique code, they will not be able to load and edit the book at a later stage.

Load book

Here, the players can load a previous book by typing the unique code of that book. After typing the correct code of the book, this book will automatically appear. If the entered code is invalid, the characters that were entered simply disappear and it is possible to enter a new code.