Age 3+

5 minutes



Solve the puzzle by holding the pieces in place
Solve a classic jigsaw puzzle
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

Puzzle can be played in two different ways: The Classic Jigsaw or Puzzle. When playing either mode, the players will train their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. The Puzzle mode, in addition, requires collaboration and coordination from the players in order to successfully solve it. Furthermore, it is also possible to customise which images should be used for the game allowing the players to, for example, only use pictures from a specific category and thereby train their vocabulary within certain categories.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to put all pieces of the puzzle together in such a way that the pieces form a complete, recognisable picture.

Detailed Description



Players are presented with several pieces. All pieces are placed with the picture side facing the players and in random order. Players move the pieces around by dragging them with their fingers. If they let go of a piece, this piece will automatically jump back to its starting point. To solve the puzzle, all pieces must simultaneously be held in place in the correct way. This requires good coordination and communication between the players.

Classic Jigsaw

In the Classic Jigsaw puzzle mode, players are presented with a number of pieces that are placed in random order with the picture side facing up. Whenever the players want to relocate one of the pieces, they simply need to drag the piece with their finger and drop it at the desired location. Every time the players have moved two fitting pieces together, these pieces will stick together for the rest of the game until the entire puzzle has been solved.

Detailed Description


Puzzle: Number of pieces

When choosing Puzzle, the players can solve puzzles that consist of either four, six, or eight pieces. Since the players typically need to use both hands for holding all the pieces in place, the puzzle with four pieces is suitable for two players, the puzzle with six pieces for three players and eight pieces for four players.

Classic Jigsaw: Number of pieces

In the Classic Jigsaw mode, players can choose from bigger puzzles with more pieces since they can move the pieces around more freely compared to the puzzle pieces in the Puzzle mode. The size options are 2×2, 4×4, 8×8, or 16×16 pieces.

Random image vs. Image selector

By pressing the image selector, the players have the option to select specific images from four different categories: Animals, Food & Beverage, Transportation, and Nature. After deciding on one of those categories, the players get to see an overview of all pictures within that category. In order to select one or more pictures, the players can either tap the picture(s) they want individually or press the ‘choose all‘ icon which will then select all pictures. Pressing the ‘choose all‘ icon a second time will deselect all selected images. Selected images are always marked with a green checkmark. It is also possible to select images from several or all of the categories for the same game.

By choosing the setting ‘random image‘, the game will randomly choose a picture from the Animals category for the next puzzle.