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23 January 2020 - Written by a wise EduBird

How to use the EduTouch LED Interactive Board

Getting your classrooms ready for the fourth industrial revolution (4ir) and making sure your equipment is compatible with the integration of internet of things (IoT) in our daily lives can be quite a daunting task, involving hours of research and plenty of motivating to acquire the budget. So how do you make sure that you have the right solution for your classroom for years to come? Technology is evolving so rapidly, what equipment should your school invest in to keep updated with whatever is going to roll out next?

We want to introduce you to the EduBoard EduTouch LED Interactive Board which has been specifically designed for education in South Africa.

EduBoard has the ultimate solution for interactive classroom equipment that will instantly transport you into the 21st century. The EduTouch LED smart panel is the most versatile interactive classroom technology in the country for smart classrooms, giving teachers the freedom to choose how to deliver their lessons in a way that they are comfortable, whilst still using the full benefits of having a all-inclusive interactive LED panel in the classroom.

The EduTouch LED interactive smart board panel has been designed to be relevant within the classroom technology space for many years to come. The panel can be used in a number of different ways, whether you are going to be using it online or offline, with or without a laptop or computer.


The LED interactive board comes preloaded with a standard Android operating system. This means that you do not need a computer to use the panel and can access multiple different file formats through apps on the smart panel. Use documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pdf files, play music, videos & capture photos with a webcam. Plug in your USB and access these files straight from the panel Android menu. More apps can be loaded onto the panel to use the internet and access cloud files. We can discuss your school’s needs and customise the panel accordingly.

To use your laptop/computer with the EduTouch panel, plug and play using an HDMI cable and a touch cable which plugs into the USB port. Any brand of laptop can be used with an HDMI cable & the touch USB cable. This will mirror your computer screen onto the LED panel which will be fully interactive using the LED panel’s screen. This is an alternative to installing a dedicated PC module into the back of the LED panel. If this is an option for you, the PC module will turn your panel into a computer. No need to plug a laptop or device in. The LED panel acts as a computer on it’s own. The PC module runs a Windows operating system. Any brand of laptop can be used with an HDMI cable & the touch USB cable.

Another creative way to use the interactive LED smart board panel is by connecting your portable device, such as your smartphone, Chromebook or iPad to the LED panel. The app is already installed onto the LED panel, you will need to install the same connect app onto your portable device to use this feature. This will mirror what is on your device’s screen for the whole class to see. You will be able to annotate on top of your projection on the LED panel using annotation software that we will install for you.

More ways to use the EduTouch LED Panel:

Collaborate with your students devices through professional teaching software, this is included with the EduTouch LED panel education solution. The panel comes with an Oktopus perpetual teaching license and a three year student device license for collaboration. This will allow you to connect up to 40 devices in a classroom. Assess your students in class through their devices, see feedback, answers and polling results live on the LED panel screen.

Oktopus is a collection of interactive teaching tools designed to enhance teaching and boost learning outcomes. 70 Subject specific tools are included so that teachers can easily interweave between the blend portal of 10 000 ready made lessons with online and offline content, collaborating during lessons and assessing students.

All of this technology integration and digital convergence is going to keep your classroom up to date in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Internet of Things (IoT). It is the ultimate interactive classroom solution for schools in Africa. We conduct training sessions for teachers to demonstrate this technology and how to use it in the classroom. EduBoard also offers support and a 3 year warranty on the LED panel. Please discuss terms and conditions with us.

The EduTouch LED Panel comes in different sizes – 65”, 75” & 86”, all with 4K Ultra-HD resolution. The panel can be easily mounted on a wall or a mobile stand.

EduBoard has been in the classroom technology industry for over 12 years, we know what goes into a 21st century classroom and can advise on such. We would love to open a discussion with you about implementing 4IR technology into your classroom. We offer very competitive pricing, excellent after sales service, 3 year warranty as well as training & support on the solution. Finance options available as well as rent-to-own.

Contact us at with the following details:

  1. Your name & position
  2. Your school’s name
  3. Contact number
  4. How many classrooms you are considering
  5. What city you are located in
  6. Please let us know what is the biggest challenge you are facing when it comes to technology in your classroom.


  • Highly responsive and accurate IR touch technology.
  • Resistant to optical interference. Works perfectly under direct sunlight
  • Rapid response time with fluid all round annotation.
  • Smart touch operating system.
  • Touch menu – use the touch menu for universal settings on any input source
  • Optional built-in Intel Core i5 PC module.
  • One key energy saving mode for environmental protection.
  • Anti-glare & toughened glass with level 7 Mohs standard.
  • LED Panel – 30 000 hours lifetime.
  • Features 10 point writing and 20 point touch.
  • Built in 2 x 12W speakers – no speaker bar needed
  • HDMI, USB, VGA, RS232, LAN, display connectors
  • Aspect ratio 16:9.
  • Display area 1428mm x 803mm.
  • Viewing angle of 178°.
  • Wall-mounted or mobile stand on caster options.

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What drives EduBoard?

Eduboard’s main thrust is to help teachers and students take advantage of the major advances in education resources from around the world and continue to introduce ground-breaking technology. They are unique in their understanding of the work flow and requirements of teachers and students alike.