EduBoard 2023 – That’s a Wrap!
18 December 2023 - Written by a wise EduBird

EduBoard: Pioneering Education Technology in Southern Africa

EduBoard’s Remarkable 2023 continued to Shape the Future of Education in South Africa

In the dynamic world of education in South Africa, EduBoard has emerged as a leader, revolutionising classrooms with our interactive whiteboard/smart board/LED Touch Panel technology. As a brand that proudly represents South Africa, we’re more than just a classroom hardware & software supplier. Our mission is to offer holistic interactive classroom solutions specifically tailored to the distinctive challenges of South African education.

A Year of Innovation and Collaboration

In this reflective year-end news, we’re excited to share the remarkable journey EduBoard has undertaken in 2023, highlighting our influence on the education landscape. Throughout the year, we’ve collaborated with partners and experts to expand and customise our solutions for South African classrooms.

Advancing STEAM Education

Our commitment to reshaping educational futures is evident in our STEAM initiatives, including the development of digital Science, Chemistry, and Physics Lab solutions. These incorporate an interactive LED EduTouch display panel and high-quality 3D media software, functioning seamlessly in offline environments where internet access is uncertain.

Check out ROQED Science and ROQED Physics Lab

ROQED Virtual Physics Laboratory

Bringing Coding and Robotics to Life

Additionally, our Coding and Robotics program featuring “Marty the Robot” brings a thrilling dimension to learning, making coding and robotics accessible from junior levels to advanced education. We’re excited about expanding our South African-centric lessons further and bridging the gap towards the new robotics curriculum.

Check out Marty the Humanoid Robot

Marty the Humanoid Robot (Coding and Robotics)

Enhancing Accessibility in Remote Areas

A key focus this year has been making technology accessible in remote areas, enhancing our solutions’ offline functionalities. This advancement means that high-quality educational resources and methodologies can reach children who might otherwise have limited access. All of this is made possible by the fact that many of the software solutions we have available come with pre-prepared and reusable educational resources which are stored on the device. Teachers are also able to create, re-use, optimise and manage lessons and homework and save the files locally on their device.

Active Engagement and Literacy Initiatives

Our team and resellers have been exceptionally active, conducting hundreds of presentations, demonstrations, and training sessions across South Africa. Our largest PR events included the annual expos in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town where we put together big stands to allow for teachers and other educational professionals to get a real feeling for our hardware and software offerings. Another major highlight in our community effort was our commitment to extensive Literacy assessments, particularly through the Ubuntu Lexplore project.

Milestone: Proof of Concept at Constantia Kloof Primary School

This initiative responds to South Africa’s concerning literacy rates, affecting educational success and youth employment. We aim to improve literacy across various grades, offering early intervention and insights to educators. A significant accomplishment was the Proof of Concept at Constantia Kloof Primary School.

Expanding Partnerships and South African Development Community (SADC) Presence

This year also saw the expansion of our partnerships, including new dealers across South Africa and growing our presence in the SADC region with Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe. We continue on our path to become the leading EdTech company in the entire SADC region.

Looking Ahead: EduBoard’s Commitment to Educational Excellence

Our journey in 2023 underscores our unwavering dedication to transforming education in Southern Africa. With our focus on innovative, tailored solutions, and impactful initiatives, EduBoard is set to continue shaping the future of education in Africa.


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