Resurfacing of 60 Year Old School Blackboards by EduBoard
28 January 2020 - Written by a wise EduBird

Redoing classrooms by removing the old chalkboards and replacing them with whiteboards is not as affordable as it should be. Schools in South Africa are still transitioning from chalk to whiteboard markers and are looking for the most cost-effective way to do this.

EduBoard are experts in classroom equipment, but first, let’s take a look at just how easy it is to convert old vitrix enamel chalkboards into beautiful easy to clean whiteboards.

Interesting, the first record of chalkboards being used was in 1801 and has been credited to an invention by the Headmaster and Geography teacher at a school in Scotland. Slate was being used to manufacture these boards as it could be easily hauled by trains from the mines. As times evolved, steel plates were coated with a porcelain enamel and these replaced the traditional slate boards. The green colour was easier on the eyes and contrasted well with the white chalk. The term “chalkboard” was more commonly being used than “blackboard” due to these changes in the material.

Here are some really fascinating images on 100-year-old slate black chalkboards that were found underneath green chalkboards while a classroom was being renovated in Oklahoma.

Above is an image of a slate chalkboard found in an Oklahoma school while contractors were remodelling the classroom. The calendar says 1917!
A teacher’s beautiful cursive handwriting on a slate chalkboard from 1917.

The whiteboard, or dry erase board, was introduced in the 1980’s and by the mid 1990’s most schools across USA were using them. South Africa on the other hand, predominantly has used the chalkboard up until the last decade with more schools upgrading their classroom boards from the original vitreous enamel chalkboards to modern dry erase whiteboards. Dry erase whiteboards benefits include no chalk contamination and the chore of cleaning erasers no longer exists – happy students! Don’t you remember getting your uniform dusty while banging 2 erasers together outside? We sure do!

Many South African schools still use the same vitreous enamel chalkboard shown in the image below or alterrnative chalkboard surfaces i.e magnetic or non magnetic chalk surfaces:

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Vitreous Enamel Blackboard | Laerskool Unika | Before Resurfacing
60 year old board hinge from Unika | Still good condition

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Looking at this hinge, one would be tempted to throw the whole board away and install new whiteboards. For some, replacing the boards in all the classrooms are not an option due to the costs and budget restraints.

EduBoard have the best solution in the country with our Write-On resurfacing material. We can turn your chalkboards, even if they are 60 years old, into dry erase whiteboards by resurfacing the with Write-On.

Write-On is a superb high quality dry-erase chalkboard and whiteboard resurfacing material, available in magnetic or non-magnetic options. It has been used in thousands of schools worldwide to save 50% or more on the cost of replacing old chalkboards or whiteboards. When Write-On is used on the correct surface that has no damages such as dents/scratches and cleaned with the correct whiteboard cleaner it can last up to 15 years. If the board is painted it will need to be sanded down first.

After – Write-On gloss resurfacing applied on 60 year old blackboards at Laerskook Unika
After – Write-On gloss resurfacing applied on 60 year old blackboards at Laerskook Unika

In the images above, you can see how decent the Write-On covers the old vitreous enamel blackboards that were in the school. Although two different classrooms, the results were the same and the school saved thousands of Rands by opting to resurface their in-perfect-condition blackboards into whiteboards from EduBoard.

Karen is our board specialist and can arrange delivery nationwide and across border. Installation is subject to availability and geographical location.


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