Create the ideal interactive learning environment for schools across South Africa
16 November 2022 - Written by a wise EduBird

Understanding technological literacy elevates EduBoard’s Interactive Classroom Solutions

As the world shifts towards more automation and digitisation, EduBoard continues to deliver on its promise since its inception in 2007:

To provide cutting edge digital & interactive solutions for classrooms across Southern Africa.

To say they are confidently operating in the 4th industrial revolution and the internet of things would be an understatement. EduBoard’s understanding of technological literacy insures that their users are getting the most out of the technology they offer.

Curated interactive learning tools from EduBoard make the classroom an exciting space for learners

Teachers and students now have access, through EduBoard’s fascinating and absorbing interactive learning software, to thousands of resources for subjects across Grade 1-12. With Mozaik and ROQED, teachers can create 3D interactive presentations, or import and modify their existing teaching resources with images, narratives, videos, 3D resources and subject specific tools & games.

Learning physics, chemistry, biology, industrial engineering, mining, machinery, medicine, and health care has never been so fascinating.

Unique software is now on offer from EduBoard to combat the low spelling and reading problem in South African Classrooms

In an effort to continue to offer an immersive learning experience to schools and classrooms, EduBoard has added a powerful and unique AI-based method reading assessment tool through Lexplore. Using the latest in eye tracking technology to measure when, where, and how children’s eyes move in relation to the words they are reading the tool quickly picks up on minor differences in the way their brains process text. The detailed reports produced after a reading assessment can be used to help teachers and students overcome the identified barriers efficiently.

In addition Kaligo, a handwriting and spelling application that enhances handwriting teaching methods, has been added to their portfolio of powerful software. Students can develop handwriting and spelling more efficiently by using tablets and styluses at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stages.

EduBoard brings Hollywood to the classroom and turns blockbusters into powerful teaching tools.

One of the most exciting tools to date introduced into EduBoard’s digital education solutions, is a Visual Learning Platform, offering film-based lessons from 1,000’s of Hollywood carefully curated films. Academe+  is solely distributed by EduBoard in South Africa and tailored to preparatory and high schools.

Coding and robotics become school subjects in 2023, so EduBoard has brought you Marty the Humanoid Robot

Ever since it was announced that the Coding and Robotics Curriculum for South Africa Grades R-3 and Grade 7 would be piloted in schools nationwide, EduBoard set itself the task to further enhance its offering for the ever-evolving interactive classroom. Enter Marty the Humanoid Robot, a real walking, dancing, programmable humanoid robot that’s full of personality.

Marty the Robot is designed to make learning about computer science and coding a fun and engaging experience. From introducing screen-free programming in pre-school, right through to more complex computer coding for university, Marty is a flexible learning tool who grows with your students.


What drives EduBoard?

Eduboard’s main thrust is to help teachers and students take advantage of the major advances in education resources from around the world and continue to introduce ground-breaking technology. They are unique in their understanding of the work flow and requirements of teachers and students alike.