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15 April 2020 - Written by a wise EduBird

As the whole world changes the way it operates during this pandemic, teachers and parents alike are both having to adapt to new lockdown situations and remote working environments which include that of remote student/teacher learning.

Since its inception in 2007, EduBoard’s promise has always been to provide the best digital & interactive solutions for classrooms across Southern Africa as we started to enter the 4th industrial revolution and the internet of things. Well folks, we are here! No more anticipation about school’s being forced to go digital and scholars having to take ownership of their education, and in the words of Winston Churchill; “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

While we are confined to our homes, the struggles of trying to hold down a household, keep finances in check and keep your children intellectually stimulated could all be circumstances in which we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for direction on how to keep our children learning and motivated. In the beginning of January this year, our Directors attended the esteemed BETT 2020 education conference in London where Gaylin & Derek discovered the most fascinating and absorbing interactive remote learning software with thousands of resources for Grade 1-12 subjects. Teachers can create 3D interactive presentations, or import and modify their existing teaching resources with images, narratives, videos, 3D resources and subject specific tools & games. Learners can sit at home, follow the lesson sent by the teacher, engage, contribute and then do an assessment at the end of the presentation to demonstrate if they understood the content or concept. The classroom is brought to YOU, right in front of you, on your device in a crystal clear and immersive manner.

As we face the lock down extension, EduBoard’s remote learning software has enough resources to keep you and your child motivated and engaged for months, heres a beautiful demo:

mozaBook Demo

Summary of some of the software features:

  • 147 pre-made subject specific lessons – totally customisable! Or import your own resources and educational content or choose from many other free or paid for textbooks, from Grades 1-12 from the mozaLibrary.
  • 5293 educational images
  • 776 audio clips
  • 1065 videos with narrative
  • 1246 3D resources (very powerful and interactive)
  • 119 tools & games
  • Instantly create quizzes and assessments

All of this in one easy to use application For teachers & parents who are trying to keep their students/children busy during the lockdown in an education context with very limited resources due to the suddenness of it all – EduBoard’s remote teaching software can really help take the teaching & learning load off your shoulders. Kids can learn for hours with the 3D video resources with narrative explanations and interactive elements such as games to stimulate creativity and retain the information being absorbed. EduBoard’s interactive content and teaching platform is an immersive learning experience for both the child and teacher/parent. EduBoard understands that making a financial commitment at this time could be a difficult decision, so we have specially negotiated a longer than usual trial licence for the EduBoard Mozaik system which will be valid until 15th June 2020. Download the teacher and learner softwares and use our EduBoard trial license key to activate the interactive remote teaching and learning software to use its full capabilities. Email us for a trial license key. To help parents, teachers and learners better understand EduBoard Mozaik interactive remote teaching and learning software, we would like to host a webinar on Facebook or Zoom to really show what this software is all about. To ensure we accommodate this as best we can within everybodies schedules, please could you take 2 minutes to complete this questionnaire so we can better plan a time and date for the webinar. Answer Questionnaire Once you have completed this short questionnaire, we will email you a brochure with your free extended license key and link to download EduBoard’s Mozaik interactive remote teaching software. Your contribution and feedback will be greatly appreciated from all of us at EduBoard as we work hard to make education accessible to everyone during this lock down period and beyond. Here is a link to an introductory video showing just how content enriched this teaching and learning software is for the teacher, parent and students alike. link EduBoard is operating remotely during the lockdown and will be readily available to assist with any enquiries, sales or remote technical assistance you require. Please see our contact details on our website for more info. We’re a proudly South African OEM company and are here to help you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any queries you may have or simply to chat about solutions for your school or home that will enable you to successfully navigate the remote learning journey. Wishing you and your families strength and courage – stay safe and healthy.


What drives EduBoard?

Eduboard’s main thrust is to help teachers and students take advantage of the major advances in education resources from around the world and continue to introduce ground-breaking technology. They are unique in their understanding of the work flow and requirements of teachers and students alike.