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15 December 2022 - Written by a wise EduBird

End of Year EduBoard EdTech Wrap

EdTech has been our rush. Lets wind down for a moment and chat about how awesome 2022 has been for all involved at EduBoard.

It has been an honour to work with our valued clients and partners and we continue to build on our relationships towards better education in South Africa. We are very excited to have gone Live with our new multifunctional website, which will soon boast a comprehensive knowledge centre and online training academy. After all, we are primarily about education at EduBoard!

A screenshot of our new EdTech page.

That being said, you’d be surprised how much EdTech hardware can benefit the corporate office as well. We have built a dedicated corporate solutions page and corporate shop on our new website to show our growing commitment to serving the corporate sector.

High quality and supremely responsive EduTouch LED Panels are perfect for a boardroom presentation.

Efficient IPEVO Visualiser Document Cameras can assist with high resolution mass scanning of any document size in the health, financial, governmental and administrative sectors. Give your office a stylish yet functional Magnetic Glassboard perfect for brainstorming ideas or presenting to your team.

A screenshot of our new corporate solutions page.
EduTouch LED Panels
High quality and supremely responsive touch screen LED panels
IPEVO Visualiser
Efficient, lightweight and affordable document camera scanners
Magnetic Glassboard
Modern, slick and functional boards to brainstorm ideas and present to a team

Top New Partnerships in 2022

This has been a year that saw great growth, many successful collaborations and as always we have been open to some valuable lessons learnt.  

As a company, we must highlight our new partnerships with:

  • Lexplore – the world’s leading reading assessment tool using AI to quickly identify students’ reading issues. We believe that if Lexplore can be correctly rolled out it may have a major influence on improving literacy rates in South Africa by helping to identify and address reading issues from a young age.
  • Marty the Humanoid Robot – designed to make learning about computer science and coding a fun and engaging experience. Robotical’s Marty is the perfect tool to introduce students to the new Robotics curriculum in South Africa in 2023.
  • AcadeMe+ -video-based interactive lessons using Hollywood’s most iconic movies as teaching material. What better way to have students excited to actively partake in a lesson than to turn a beloved Hollywood film into a powerful learning tool?

Adding these engaging, collaborative learning experiences, fit for today’s modern learner, is further enhancing student engagement in the classroom.

All-in-one Systematic Reading Development Tool harnessing the power of AI
Marty the Humanoid Robot
EduBoard’s answer to SA’s new robotics curriculum
Licensed lessons using Hollywood’s most beloved movies

Most Popular Hardware Products

Eduboard is committed to continuing to place our next-generation, powerful and intuitive interactive classrooms and boardrooms ahead of the EdTech game in 2023.

Drilling down to our baseline offering in the classroom, we would like to point out that our clients are revealing that there is no going back:

  • EduTouch LED Panels – Incredible integration with all your digital tools and platforms makes these a must-have that has been designed specifically for education.
  • Data Projector – Bright, functional and affordable data projectors for class and boardroom
  • IPEVO Visualisers – Range of visualisers which are perfect for displaying documents or 3D objects on a big screen or hosting virtual classes.
  • Boards – Our variety of classroom essential surfaces with a variety surfaces and functions.
  • FlexiChairs – comfortable, ergonomic and easily movable chairs that bring a fun, colour and functionality to the classroom.
EduTouch LED Panels
Large selection of Classic Boards in a range of sizes
Data Projectors

The end of Covid-19 spelled getting out on the road for EduBoard

As the corona virus pandemic finally came to an end in South Africa and life rather quickly got back to normal, we most thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get on the road again and meet face-to-face with some of our clients and stakeholders.

We partook in 2 very successful SCHOOLSCAPE IT expos in August this year in JHB and Cape Town. We felt that we made a statement about our offering through these interactive experiences and cannot wait to share more direct and informative connections.

Derek, co-founder, sporting his EduBoard shirt at SCHOOLSCAPE
The EduBoard stand at SCHOOLSCAPE

Revolutionising the EdTech industry in South Africa

Regardless of the efficacy and advanced technology we are offering through our array of products, we have realised that it is key to put the student and teacher first. This is why we have recognised that even with an incredible piece of technology, we have to have an integrated approach. Basically we are providing an engaging user experience for the teacher and student alike.

Our solutions need to be flexible based on the needs of the classroom at hand and thanks to our ever-determined, and hardworking team, we are achieving a comfortable fit for any interactive classroom project.

One of our major breakthroughs in 2022 has to be the construction and opening of our permanent EduBoard EdTech Centre. We can proudly refer to it as our permanent gallery and training facility. This unique space will see us offering information and training, underpinning the solution to the ultimate interactive classroom solution.

Book a live or virtual demo at our new EdTech Centre

Final word from the bird

We see further growth for 2023 through building transformative learning experiences. We are ready to help reshape the future of education in South Africa.

Enjoy the festive season.

Best wishes,

A Wise EduBird


What drives EduBoard?

Eduboard’s main thrust is to help teachers and students take advantage of the major advances in education resources from around the world and continue to introduce ground-breaking technology. They are unique in their understanding of the work flow and requirements of teachers and students alike.