Science Marathon

Create and submit the best interactive lesson and win prizes worth over R100k!

Over R100k of prizes!

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Create your best interactive lesson and win.

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The EDUBOARD & ROQED SCIENCE MARATHON for teachers and student teachers

is a competition in which participants use their skillsets in lesson design to produce the “Most Interactive Lessons” incorporating the various disciplines of ROQED software (chemistry, physics and biology) and their own creativity. The participants will need to design lessons of high creativity, interactivity and functionality over the course of the competition. Participants are not restricted to the topic of science, but rather can pick any topic from the curriculum for any phase, grade or classroom environment and incorporate the use of ROQED SCIENCE AND/OR ROQED PHYSICS LAB software either as a main feature or a supporting feature in their lessons.

Competition Breakdown

A. How do you win?

  1. Participants need to design and film their versions of the most interactive lessons over a period of 3-weeks in the third term.
  2. Your lessons can be taught using any materials and teaching techniques but must include the use of the ROQED PHYSICS LAB and/or ROQED SCIENCE software.
  3. The lessons do not need to be primarily science focused. It can be about any topic, from any subject in the curriculum, for any phase, as long as the ROQED software is used in the lessons at some point.
  4. Lessons can follow on from one week to the next as you focus on one topic OR you can teach a new topic each week.
  5. A total of 3 lessons will be submitted over the course of the competition and each will be evaluated by our panel of judges.
  6. Each week you will need to submit one lesson as a post on the EduBoard Facebook wall with the following tag to be a valid submission: #EduBoard, #ROQED, #EdTechMarathon

B. Video  Criteria

  1. You are responsible for obtaining consent from the parents to film the learners in your classroom in accordance with the POPI Act. EduBoard will not be held liable for this.
  2. Lessons must be recorded with acceptable lighting and sound quality. The recording must be in a classroom or online classroom format. Video editing is allowed.
  3. Video submissions of lessons will be evaluated based on the following criteria:





Prizes Up for Grabs

All participants to receive participation certificates and their schools benefit from the exposure on social media.

Programme criteria and conditions:

The aim of the Eduboard & ROQED Science Marathon Practical use of interactive technologies in teaching.
The main goal of the Marathon
  1. Reduce the development time of educational content using ready-made materials.
  2. Expand the interest of the learners using interactive 3-D models, virtual laboratories as well as animations.
  3. Conduct lessons in an exciting new format.

Facilitate direct interaction with the learners and get their involvement.

Criteria of the participants


  • Qualified teachers
  • Student teachers

(Any phase, grade, or schooling environment.)

Video requirements
  1. Lessons must be recorded with acceptable lighting and sound quality.
  2. The recording must be in a classroom or online classroom format.
  3. Video editing is allowed.
Topics for the lessons
  • Participants must pick their own topics for the lessons. The lesson can follow on from one to the next or an entirely new topic can be introduced each time.
  • The topics must be based on the CAPS curriculum and can be for any grade group.
Number of lessons over the duration of the Marathon 3 (one to be submitted per week)
Lesson presentation duration One lesson to be filmed and submitted per week for 3 consecutive weeks in the 3rd term. .
Duration of the video At least 2 – 10 minutes after editing.
Lesson submissions

Videos must be posted onto the Eduboard Facebook wall with the following tag to be a valid submission:

#EduBoard, #ROQED, #EdTechMarathon

POPI Act Participants would need to obtain permission from their learners’ parents to be able to film them during the competition. The responsibility lies with the participant.
Start date and end date of the competition 3rd of July 2023 – 11th August 2023
Preparation duration 2 weeks in the June Holiday. 3rd of July – 27th of July 2023
Submission dates
  1. 3rd of July 2023
  2. 4th of August 2023
  3. 11th of August 2023
Winner announced 29th of September 2023

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