Turnless Chess

Age 7+

10 minutes



Select the piece that you want to move
Select which square the piece should move to
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

By playing Turnless Chess, the players can train their strategic skills and learn how to think one or two steps ahead.

Game objective

The objective of Turnless Chess is, just like playing regular chess, to capture the opponent’s king before the opponent captures yours. When playing in teams (2 vs. 2), the team that catches both kings of the opposing team has won.

Detailed Description


The game begins just like regular chess with one player’s 16 chess pieces placed, in traditional fashion, across from the opponent’s 16 pieces.

Moving the chess pieces

When the players want to move one of their pieces, they need to press the small icon showing two fingers on a chess piece in the players’ bottom left corner and drag and drop this icon onto the chess piece that they wish to move. Once a chess piece has been selected, the square where the chess piece is located turns green and the icon in the bottom left corner now displays a chess piece that can move in different directions. To get the selected chess piece to move to the square that the player wants, they need to drag and drop the icon onto the square where the chess piece should go. If the player has selected a square that the chess piece can move to, this square turns green and once the player drops the icon onto the square, the chess piece will move to the selected square. Immediately after the chess piece moves to the square, this square will turn red indicating that the player cannot move this chess piece until the red colour has vanished. Once the square is again entirely white, the player can move this chess piece. Like in regular chess, players are only able to move one piece at a time. However, unlike regular chess, the players don’t need to wait for a move from the opponent, but can always move another piece immediately after their latest move.
Once a player’s king (or team’s two kings when playing 2 vs 2) has been captured by the opponent, the game is over.

Detailed Description


1 vs 1

In this game mode, the players play on a regular chessboard (8×8 squares) with two sets of chess pieces just like in regular chess.

2 vs 2

In this game mode, the chessboard has been expanded to 16×8 squares to make room for four sets of chess pieces to make it possible for four players to play chess simultaneously.