Shape Ships

Age 6+

10 minutes



Plan how to solve the level
Colour your ships and pick up the shapes
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

In Shape Ships, the players need to work together, think logically and plan their next move in order to be successful. At the same time, they will be faced with different shapes and colours.

Game objective

The goal of the game is to solve as many rounds as possible in the available time. To get through a round, the players must lead each of the spaceships to the shape on the playing board that fits its shape and colour.

Detailed Description


The game begins with all four spaceships being located in each of the four sections of the playing board. Each spaceship contains an individual shape (either triangle, square, pentagon or hexagon) and colour (blue, red, yellow or green). The shape of the spaceship will stay the same throughout the round, but the colour is changeable. A round is won when players have, in terms of colour and shape, successfully matched all spaceships with the four shapes on the playing board and collected these shapes. After successfully managing that, a new round with a similar difficulty level will then begin. This will continue until the players run out of time.

Moving the spaceships around the playing board

Until the play button in the center of the screen is pressed, the spaceships are immoveable. When a round has started, the players simply need to use a finger to drag their spaceship in whatever direction that the player wants it to move.

Changing the colour of the spaceship

In each of the four sections, a spray can with either the colour blue, red, yellow or green as well as a shape in one of the before-mentioned four colours are located. Bringing a spaceship into contact with a spray can turns the spaceship into the colour of the spray can. The spray cans are not only useful in matching the spaceships with the shapes that they need to collect, but also when it comes to crossing bridges.

Crossing a bridge

The four sections of the playing board are connected by bridges. At the start of each round, these bridges have their own colour indicating that only spaceships with that specific colour can cross the bridge. Once a spaceship with the correct colour has crossed a bridge for the first time in the round, this bridge becomes colourless which means that any spaceship can cross, no matter its colour. The bridge across from a colourless bridge will, however, always have a colour.

Limited time

The players start each game with a time bank of 300 seconds. At the beginning of each round, time is frozen which allows the players to study the playing board and plan their first moves. When the players feel ready to start the round, they simply need to press the play button. Time will then begin to count down and the players are now able to move the spaceships around the playing board. It is not possible to pause the time during a round once it has been started. Only completing a round will stop the countdown.