Shape Catcher

Age 7+

10 minutes



Agree on what shape to catch
Touch all identical shapes simultaneously
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

By playing Shape Catcher, the players can train their knowledge of different colours and geometric shapes. The players will also need to collaborate and communicate in order to do well in the game.

Game objective

In Shape Catcher, the goal for the players is to collaborate in catching, and thereby removing, identical shapes with the same colour.

Detailed Description


In order for the players to remove the shapes from the screen, they must press all identical shapes with the same colour simultaneously. When a shape is pressed by a player, this shape is hidden from the other players which makes it imperative that the player has communicated to the other players which shape and colour he or she has pressed for them to help catch the shape. If the players successfully touch all identical shapes on the screen simultaneously, these shapes will disappear and be replaced by new shapes.

Increasing difficulty

If the game has been started without the players having customised the game via the game settings, the difficulty will increase as the players successfully remove more and more shapes from the playing board. If the game has been customised before the start, the difficulty level will continue at the same level of difficulty and with the selected settings.

Detailed Description


Custom game

When choosing to customise the game, the players get to control a lot of different aspects of the game which will have a significant impact on the difficulty level. For that reason, the difficulty level of a customised game will always stay the same until players exit the game and choose a new set of parameters within the following categories.


The players can decide how many different types of geometric shapes can appear in the game: 4, 6, 8, or 10 different shapes. The difficulty of the game in terms of spotting identical shapes and describing the shapes to the other players will increase with a higher amount of different shapes.


Here, the players can choose the number of fingers needed to touch all identical shapes simultaneously. So, for example, if the players choose five fingers, the number of identical shapes appearing on the screen at one time will be five.


The players can also choose if the shapes in the game should be small or large. The smaller the shapes, the harder it will be to catch them with a finger.


The players are able to select or deselect any of the 16 different geometric shapes in the database of the game. All shapes are, by default, selected which is indicated by the white checkmark on each shape. If the players wish to deselect one of the shapes, they simply need to press this geometric shape once. The white checkmark will then disappear meaning that this shape is no longer selected for the game.


The players can choose which of the ten listed colours should be able to appear in the game. By default, all ten colours are selected when you enter the customise settings.


This indicates the speed at which the shapes will be moving around the playing board. There are a total of four different speeds to choose from: Gras (very slow), Tortoise (Slow), Dog (Fast), and Cheetah (very fast).

Number of players

The players need to indicate how many players are participating (2, 3, or 4 players). The selected number of players will match the number of identical shapes on the playing board at a time.