Multiplication Turtles

Age 6+

5 minutes



Solve the multiplication problems
Place the turtles with the answer in the correct rings
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

In Multiplication Turtles, the players get to practice their mental arithmetic skills by solving multiplication problems.

Game objective

The objective of the game is, as quickly as possible, to figure out the sum of the multiplication problem in each of the four hula hoops. After figuring out the sum of each multiplication problem, the players need to get the turtle with the correct sum on its back into each of the rings.

Detailed Description


The game consists of ten rounds. In each round, the players are faced with four hula hoops, one in each corner of the screen. Inside each hula hoop is a multiplication problem. Outside of the four rings, ten turtles with a unique number on their backs are crawling around. To complete the round, the players need to solve the multiplication problems, locate the turtle that has the correct sum on its back, and drag and drop the turtle into the hula hoop. If the players have managed to place the correct turtle in each of the four hula hoops, they qualify for the next round with four new multiplication problems and different turtles. If the players have chosen an incorrect turtle for one or more of the multiplication problems, nothing will happen and the players will then need to identify and correct the mistake.


After completing the ten rounds, the players are met with a screen that shows them how much time they needed to complete the game. This offers players the opportunity to see if they can improve that time in the next game.

Detailed Description


Multiplication tables

In the settings, the players can decide which multiplication tables should be used for the game. They can choose between the multiplication tables from 1 to 10. They select a specific table by touching the square containing that number. That makes the square light up which means that it has been selected. All non-selected tables are greyed out. Touching a selected square again will deselect it and the square will again become greyed out. By selecting “ALL”, each of the ten multiplication tables could appear in the game.