Age 3+

5 minutes



Select up to four cards at a time
Find the pairs hiding underneath
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

When playing Memory, the players train their memory skills by turning face-down cards and then trying to remember which pictures are hiding under the cards that have been revealed. In order to turn cards over, the chosen cards need to be touched simultaneously which requires communication between the players when playing in teams.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to find matching pictures under the cards that are placed face-down on the playing board. If the players are playing in teams against each other, the goal is to find more picture pairs than the opposing team.

Detailed Description


The game begins with all cards on the playing board being face-down. If the players are playing in more than one team, the colour of the playing board indicates which team’s turn it is. When the players have decided which cards to turn over, they need to touch these cards simultaneously. Depending on the selected settings for the game, the players must turn over either two or four cards at a time. Shortly after the selected cards have been turned over revealing the picture side of the cards, the game automatically turns the cards face-down again forcing the players to remember which pictures are hiding under which cards. If the players manage to turn over two cards that show identical pictures, the players have successfully found a picture pair and these cards will disappear from the playing board. The game is over when all picture pairs have been found and there are no more cards left on the playing board. If the players are playing in more than one team, the team that found the most picture pairs have won the game. After the game is over, the end screen will display which team found which picture pairs, so the players can determine the winning team. By pressing the green replay icon on the left side of the screen, the players can play a re-match with the exact same settings as in the previous game. Pressing the grey settings icon on the right side of the screen will return the players to the game settings.
Detailed Description


Picture category

This option provides the opportunity to select the type of pictures that should be used for the game. The players can choose between six different picture categories: Mixed, Means of transport, Animals, Food & Beverages, Buildings and Customise. If the players choose one of the first five categories and press the play button, the game will start and only use pictures from the chosen category. If the players choose the “Customise” category and press play, the players are met with a new Picture Category screen with eight different options. All pictures in the entire database are divided into these eight subcategories: Animals, Food & Beverages, Means of transport, Buildings, Nature, Pictograms, Icons, and Clip-art. The players can visit all these eight subcategories and handpick exactly the pictures they want to use for the game, simply by scrolling through them and pressing the ones that they want. When a picture has been selected, it will be marked with a green checkmark and can be deselected simply by pressing it a second time, or by pressing the garbage can icon in the bottom right of the screen which will deselect all selected images within the category. The players can only choose as many pictures as there are picture pairs in their game. How many pictures the players have selected and the maximum of pictures they can select for their game is visible in the bottom right corner. If the players do not select enough pictures to reach the limit, the game will randomly pick images from the database to create enough picture pairs for the game. Once the players are done with selecting pictures and are ready to start the game, they simply need to press the arrow in the bottom left corner which will return them to the Picture Category screen. If they, from here, press the Exit icon in the bottom right corner, the game will begin.

Number of pieces

The players can choose how many cards should be on the playing board from the beginning of the game: 18, 28, 60, 84, or 112. The higher the number of face-down cards in the game, the more difficult it will be for the players to find the picture pairs.

Number of fingers

The players can choose how many fingers need to touch a card before the chosen cards will get turned over. Either two or four fingers. The number of fingers selected also corresponds to the number of cards that are turned over at a time. If the players are playing in teams of two, the natural choice would be to select two fingers, so each player could touch one of the cards that the players want to turn over. However, if a team consists of more than two players, selecting four fingers could be the more natural choice.


The players can select how many teams are participating: 1, 2, 3, or 4 teams. If all the participating players want to cooperate in finding the hidden picture pairs, they should pick 1. By picking 2, 3, or 4 teams, each team will have its own colour (blue, green, yellow, or red). The colour of the playing board will indicate which team’s turn it is. At the end of each game, the game will show the players which picture pairs each team was able to find.