Line Coder

Age 8+

15 minutes



Build your programs
Run the programs and see the result
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

By playing Line Coder, the players train their ability to code and program a drawing robot to perform certain movements. Moreover, in order to achieve the wanted result, the players will have to communicate and work together.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to create the most amazing patterns and drawings using the drawing robots and the coding tools available.

Detailed Description


The playing board consists of a coding area for each of the two players at the sides of the screen and, in the middle, a drawing area where the green and yellow drawing robots are located. To code the drawing robots, the players will need to open a new program which they do by dragging and dropping the “new program” icon onto the coding area and then pressing it once to open it up and reveal a row of empty slots. The players can fill these slots with the code blocks of their choice. Once the players are ready to test a coding sequence, they simply need to press the “new program” icon again which will close the row of coding slots, and then drag and drop the icon onto one of the empty spaces in the coding program sequence and then press the play button. The player’s drawing robot will then execute the commands of the program.


Coding tools

Number of straight movements that the player wants the drawing robot to make.
Makes the robot turn X degrees to the right.
By adding this tool to a program, the player can decide with which colour the robot should be drawing.
Adding this tool to the program will make the drawing robot lift its pencil from the drawing area / put the pencil down again.
Use this to create a programming block. It is possible to nest other programs inside it.
Makes the drawing robot repeat the coded program X amount of times.
Moving a program to this square will make a copy of it