Letter Beasts

Age 6+

15 minutes



Select a beast
Draw the letters of the beast’s name
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

In Letter Beasts, the players can train their ability to write letters by focusing on the order and direction of the strokes.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to write the four letters of each beast’s name and in that way defeat them before they reach the goal line.

Detailed Description


The game offers the players the possibility of entering a practice area where they can train before entering the real game where they play under time pressure. After entering the playing board, the players need to select one beast at a time. The players select a beast by pressing it. Once they have pressed a beast, its four-letter name is revealed to the players. The players now must write each of the four letters three times.

Collecting stars and bombs

For every attempt to write a letter, the players receive a star. If the players write a letter (almost) to perfection, they receive a gold star. A silver star is awarded if the players have written the letter in an acceptable way, but there is still room for improvement. The players receive a greyed-out star if they didn’t manage to write the letter well enough to earn a star. For every third gold star the players collect, the players are rewarded with a bomb that they can use in their battle against the beasts.

Writing a letter

The players have three attempts to write each letter and collect gold stars. For each attempt, the difficulty level increases. In the first attempt, the players just need to follow the directions of the red dotted line. In the second attempt, only parts of the red dotted line are visible to the players. In the third attempt, only the starting point where the players should start the writing is shown to the players.

Beating the beasts

Once the players have successfully written all four letters in a beast’s name, the players have defeated the beast and it will disappear. If the players have managed to collect a bomb, they can also defeat one or more beasts by activating the bomb. Once just one of the beasts reaches the red goal line, the game is over. Should the players, however, manage to defeat all beasts on screen before any of them have reached the goal line, the players have won and will move on to the next level where the beasts will move even faster. Which level the players are playing is displayed in the small box where the beasts enter the playing board.

Detailed Description


Play the game

When selecting this option, the players are led to the playing board and shortly after, the beasts will start to appear on the screen moving towards the red goal line.


By selecting this option, the players will enter a practice area where they can train their ability to write the letters of the beasts’ names without any time pressure and where they can get extra help to write the letters correctly.