Letter Ball

Age 7+

10 minutes



Find missing letters to spell the word
Kick balls with missing letters into the goal
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

By playing Letter Ball, the players practice their spelling by shooting footballs with letters into the goal of the opponent. The footballs contain missing letters of different words that the players need to spell to win the game. In order to hit the goal and get the ball past the opponent’s goalkeeper, the game also requires good hand-eye coordination.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to identify the object of the shown image and then to locate the missing letters on footballs scattered all over their half of the pitch. In order to spell out the word, the player must hit the opponent’s goal with the footballs that contain the missing letters.

Detailed Description



At the beginning of each game, the players are shown an image that they need to identify and spell. The empty lines underneath the image show the player how many letters the word consists of. In order to fill in the empty lines with letters, the players need to hit the opponent’s goal with the footballs that show the missing letters. The players shoot the balls towards the goal by placing one of their fingers on the football and then pulling back. If the ball hits the opponent’s goalkeeper or if it misses the goal, the letter will not appear on the empty lines and the player has to try again. If the players hit the goal with a football that does not contain one of the missing letters, nothing happens which tells the player that the letter is not part of the word. For every word that a player manages to spell out completely, the player is awarded 1 point. The player who spells enough words the fastest or who spells the most words before time runs out wins the game.

Detailed Description


Game mode

The players have the option to play within a specified time limit (2, 5 or 10 minutes). This allows the players to see how many words they can spell in a certain amount of time and also gives them a target to beat for a later game. The players can also decide to play until one of the players reaches a certain number of spelt words (5, 10 or 20 words). This guarantees that the players have to spell a certain number of words correctly to win the game.

Word length

The players can determine the length of the words. They can choose between words with 1-3 letters, 4-5 letters or with a minimum of 6 letters. By choosing the option “All”, the length of the words is randomly chosen by the game. This setting allows the players to have an influence on the difficulty level for each game.