Exercise Wheel

Age 3+

5 minutes



Spin the wheel

Perform the exercise

Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

The Exercise Wheel’s 50 different exercises help to train the players’ gross motor skills and get the heart rate up. The game can be used in small groups or even a whole classroom of students who need a break from sitting down at their desks and to get a bit of physical exercise.

Game objective

The object of the game is to do the exercises that the wheel lands on, and the indicated number of repetitions. As extra help to the players, the character next to the Wheel illustrates how to perform each of the exercises.

Detailed Description



Before each spin, the players can customise which of the 50 different exercises should be on the Wheel or just get started by pressing the spin button right away. Once the wheel stops spinning, the arrow of the wheel will point to the exercise and the number of repetitions that the players need to do. After each spin of the Wheel, the avatar demonstrates to the players how to perform the chosen exercise which means that the players simply need to copy the avatar’s movements.

Detailed Description


Customising the selection of exercises

In the settings, the players can find an overview of all available exercises. This overview consists of squares with the name of each exercise and an image explaining the exercise. If a square is green, it means that the exercise inside the square is selected. If a square is grey, the exercise is not selected and will therefore not appear on the Wheel. As a rule, all 50 exercises are selected when the players open the game. The players can deselect any of the selected exercises by pressing the square, which turns the colour of the square grey. The players can also press “none” just above the overview which will deselect all selected exercises.

Exercises for standing up

If there is not enough space on the floor for exercises that require the players to lie down, the players can simply press the button named “Standing”. All exercises where the players must stand are then selected and all the exercises that involve lying on the floor are deselected.

Number of repetitions

The players can set the range for the number of repetitions for each exercise, choosing either “few” or “many” or leaving the indicator in the middle to keep a medium number of repetitions. This option makes it possible to adapt the exercises to the physique of the players in a better way. The most strenuous exercises (e.g. push-ups) are always pre-set with a lower number of repetitions than the not quite so strenuous exercises (e.g. Jumping Jacks).

Selecting an avatar

The players have a big selection of avatars to choose from: Santa Claus, a clown, a grandmother etc. The players simply need to use the right or left arrow to slide through the selection until they find the character they want. The players can also push the avatar icon with the question mark to get the game to randomly pick a character.