Video-based interactive lessons using Hollywood’s most loved movies as teaching material

Audiovisual Learning

Film-based interactive lessons. 1,000+ of Hollywood’s carefully curated and most beloved films.

Academic Results

Lessons integrate social-emotional contexts that studies have proved to improve academic results.

Curriculum Standards

Supports teachers in South Africa to create fun and engaging lesson matching their curriculum.

Licensed Hollywood Movie-Based Lessons For South African Syllabus

AcadeMe+ features cater to all teachers’ needs to deliver film-based lessons, serving to enhance student engagement. AcadeMe+, brought to you by 9-Digital’s technology and content expert team, is now launching its international, curriculum and language customisable version, to benefit teachers and students around the globe.

All films and clips are licensed in collaboration with major Hollywood studios: from Disney to Sony, from National Geographic to Fox.

Interactive Lessons

Hundreds of ready-to-use lessons, local curriculum aligned, and arranged by subject, grade and topic. Lessons are available for in-class, remote class or homework assignments.

Smart A.I. Search Engine
Teachers can find films and clips arranged by subject, topic or grade by searching thousands of keywords.
Smart Lesson Creator
Teachers can create new lessons or edit existing lessons by adding or removing videos as well as questions over the video, with an easy drag and drop feature.
Performance Reports
Using our robust online report, teachers receive all student performance data, and can grade the assignments, as well as monitor the students’ progress.
Community Zone
Teachers can discuss and share lessons with colleagues while keeping their credit. Shared lessons are searchable by subject, topic, keywords, grade.

AcadeMe+ Key Features

Audiovisual Learning Platform

Benefits Gr 1 - University

Film-based interactive lessons

Focused on improving 21st-century skills

Augmenting social and emotional learning

Help to arouse students' interest

Generating unique and engaging learning experiences

1000s of Hollywoods carefully curated and most beloved films

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