Interactive Classroom Accessories: Visualiser Document Camera Scanners, Data Projectors

Document Camera

IPEVO Visualiser Document Camera Scanner for Classroom Teaching and Live Streaming

Data Projector

Specialised high end data projector for classroom teaching – works with whiteboard

Why consider interactive classroom accessories like visualiser documents camera scanners and data projectors?

Teachers should consider incorporating a visualiser document camera scanner and/or a data projector into their classroom for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a visualiser document camera scanner allows teachers to project and magnify images of books, worksheets, and other learning materials for the entire class to see. This can make it easier for students to follow along with the lesson and understand the material. Additionally, a data projector can be used to display multimedia presentations and videos, making the lesson more engaging and interactive for students. Both devices can also be used to display student work and encourage peer review and collaboration. Overall, incorporating these technologies into the classroom can enhance the learning experience for students and make teaching easier and more effective for educators.

Product Service & Support

EduBoard offers full service and support from our friendly and experienced technical team. Full service includes equipment installation, maintenance, training and round the clock support. In addition, all the interactive classroom accessories are multipurpose and flexible meaning they can be completely tailored to the unique needs of your classroom and context.

Interactive Classroom Accessories Summaries

Read brief summaries about our accessories offerings below:

Data Projector for Classroom Teaching

Data projectors are a valuable tool for classroom teaching as they allow teachers to present information to their students in a clear and engaging way. With a data projector, teachers can display multimedia content such as videos, images, and presentations to the entire class at once. This not only saves time and effort compared to manually drawing or writing on a whiteboard, but also helps to make lessons more interactive and engaging for students. Data projectors can also be used to display student work and encourage collaboration and peer review. Additionally, they can be easily connected to computers or mobile devices, giving teachers the flexibility to present a wide variety of content. Overall, data projectors are a versatile and effective tool for teachers to enhance their teaching and improve the learning experience for their students.

IPEVO Visualiser Document Cameras for Classroom Teaching

IPEVO document cameras are an innovative tool that can greatly benefit classroom teaching. These cameras are designed to capture and display high-quality images of documents, textbooks, and other learning materials in real-time. With an IPEVO document camera, teachers can easily share visual information with their students and make it easier for them to follow along with the lesson. IPEVO document cameras also have a variety of features, such as auto-focus and zoom, which can make the teaching experience more efficient and effective. Additionally, these cameras are lightweight and portable, making them easy to move around the classroom or take to different locations. Overall, IPEVO document cameras are a versatile and convenient tool for teachers to incorporate into their teaching practice and can greatly enhance the learning experience for their students.