Coordinate Battle

Age 10+

15 minutes



Move your spaceship
Destroy the opponent’s spaceship
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

In Coordinate Battle, the players can use and improve their knowledge of the coordinate system and angles. Good strategic thinking will also be important for the players to enhance their chances of defeating their opponents.

Game objective

The objective of the game is to shoot the opponent’s spaceship before they hit yours. Each time a player successfully hits an opposing spaceship, they receive one point. The player who is first to reach the target number of points (5, 10, 15 or 20) has won the game.

Detailed Description


The game begins with all players’ spaceships being located in each player’s corner of the playing board. Here, they are relatively safe from attacks due to the metal tubes surrounding them. This starting position is also where spaceships will reappear after being destroyed by a laser beam.

Moving the spaceship around the playing board

Each player controls the movement of their spaceship with a control panel. By using the slide bars, the players are able to choose a set of X-axis and Y-axis values. Once the players have chosen new coordinates for the spaceship, they simply have to press the play icon to the right of the slide bars, and the spaceship will move towards the chosen coordinates. The players can – also when the spaceship is moving – choose new coordinates and press the play icon which will make the spaceship start to move towards the new set of coordinates.

Shooting at the opponent

In order to adjust the angle of the shot, the players can either use the slide bar or the (-) and the (+). When the players are ready to fire, they simply need to push the fire button that is located between the (-) and the (+), and the spaceship will shoot a laser beam at the chosen angle. In certain instances, it will, however, not be possible for players to shoot at the opponent:
• The spaceship cannot fire when it is in motion. The players will therefore have to wait for their spaceship to stand still before they can aim and fire.
• After having fired the laser, the laser needs to recharge before it can fire again. The energy indicators at both sides of the circular angle indicator show when the laser is ready to fire again.
• The laser beam is not able to penetrate the metal tubes on the playing board. For that reason, the metal tubes represent a good place to take cover.

Hitting an opponent / being hit by an opponent

Whenever a player hits an opponent’s spaceship, they receive a point. The score of each player is displayed just above their laser controls. A spaceship that has been hit by a laser beam will temporarily disappear from the playing board and reappear after a short amount of time at its starting position. To ensure that all players have a fair chance of getting back into the game, the spaceship will, for a short period of time after its “rebirth”, be immune to the opponents’ laser beams.

Randomly appearing power-ups

Throughout the game, boxes containing a power-up will randomly appear on the playing board. By moving the spaceship to the location of such a box and thereby collecting the power-up, the spaceship will begin to glow. The glowing indicates that the spaceship is currently immune to the opponents’ laser beams. After a short while, the spaceship stops glowing, and it is no longer immune to getting hit by laser beams.

Detailed Description


Number of players

The game can be played by two, three or four players. The more players taking part, the more difficult it will become for each player to keep track of their opponents’ movements and stay safe from the opponents’ attacks.

Number of points

Before each game, the players will have to agree on the number of points that needs to be achieved to win the game. The players can choose between 5, 10, 15 or 20 points. By choosing a high number of points, the duration of each game will typically increase.