Beetle Lab

Age 8+

10 minutes



Read about the beetles
Group the beetles into three categories
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

By playing Beetle Lab, players can increase their knowledge about the different kinds of beetles, how they look, what they are called, what families they belong to, and what their diet consists of.

Game objective

The objective of Beetle Lab is to read and gain information about the beetles and sort them into the correct category petri dish.

Detailed Description


Examining the beetles

Players can gain information about each beetle by pressing and dragging them to the magnifying glasses to reveal the text box. In the text, players can read about the beetles’ diet, family, appearance, and size, where it is common for them to reside, and other interesting characteristics.

Grouping the beetles

In order to group the beetles into categories, players must press and drag away the lid of the correct category’s petri dish and place the corresponding beetle inside. To guide the players in how many beetles must be placed in each petri dish in total, a number is indicated above each category.

Checking the grouping

To check whether the correct beetles have been chosen, players can navigate to the settings tab located near each magnifying glass. If a category has been correctly grouped, it has a green checkmark placed next to it. This way, for the duration of the game, the players can find the mistakes that have been made. When all beetles have been correctly grouped, the player gets notified, and the game round is finished.

Detailed Description


Game settings

In the game settings, the players can select which three categories to sort the beetles by. The available ways to sort them are by name, food or family type. In order to change the categories, the player must press on NEW, which as a result will generate a new selection.