Alphabet Monster

Age 6+

10 minutes



Listen to the word
Tap all the correct letters
Game Description

In Brief

Learning objective

In Alphabet Monster, the players can practice the alphabet by recognising words and feeding letters to the monster. Since the information about which letters to feed to the monster is presented verbally using a word that has a specific letter as the initial letter, the players can also practice their ability to understand and distinguish simple phonetic sounds.

Game objective

The objective of the game is, firstly, to recognise the initial letter of the words that the game mentions and, secondly, to locate all examples of this letter and feed them to the Alphabet Monster. If the players succeed in doing so, the game will present the players with a new word with a different initial letter.

Detailed Description


Shortly after pressing play, the players are sent to the playing board where they will see the Alphabet Monster at the centre of the screen. A lot of either blue or red letters (blue letters are consonants, red letters are vowels) are floating around the head of the monster. A voice will then tell the players which letter they should feed to the monster, either by saying e.g. “V as in Violin” or simply the word “Violin”. It’s now the players’ task to locate every single V on the playing board and feed them to the monster. The players send a letter into the open mouth of the monster simply by tapping each letter once. If the players should accidentally send a wrong letter into the mouth of the monster, the monster will spit out all letters in its mouth. When players have successfully found all examples of the letter in question, the monster will start chewing. Once it’s done chewing the letters and has swallowed them, new letters will replace the eaten letters and the voice will give the players a new task. The players can get the voice to repeat the instructions by tapping the head of the monster once. The game will, however, automatically repeat the instructions every ten seconds.
Detailed Description


Character type

The players can choose to play the game with either handwritten or digital letters. By playing the game several times, this setting allows players to see the same letter written in different ways.


Here, the players have the choice of playing with either uppercase or lowercase letters. This gives the players the opportunity to get used to seeing both kinds of letters.


If the players choose the option “Only words”, the voice in the game will only say a word out loud. It is then up to the players to recognise which letter of the alphabet the word starts with and thereby which letter they should feed the monster. If the players, however, choose the setting “Name and word”, the voice will say the letter as well as a word that begins with this letter out loud (e.g. “V as in Violin”) which makes it easier for the players to recognise which letter they should look for.